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#204: I Always Want A Cookie

February 23, 2018

What we thought was a quiet week on the news side ends up with info coming at us from all sides! Luckily we are here to help break it all down for you. 


EA might lose Star Wars, mods coming to Cities: Skylines, Xbox One is on fire in Japan and GTA 5 sells how many copies!?


Simone tries to prepare us for a llama apocolypse but we get distracted by Age of Empires Definitive Edition and we hear all about the other new games that have headed, or are still heading, our way this week. And its true - Simone knows things!


Kyle raves about Firewatch, Lee says how bad Crazy Taxi is and Simone puts the boys to shame by completeing Ryse on Legendary difficulty.


All this and more in this weeks episode.



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