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#206: Stupid Clown Wizard

March 9, 2018

Nah ah, you're a stupid clown wizard! 


In what has been the quietest week ever for Xbox news, we have all decided that we really like games. And so we played a bunch of different ones! Simone has started Fable 2, Kyle decided to play Batman Arkham Knight and even Lee, much to everyone's surprise, started 2 news games - GTA V and Super Lucky's Tale. Want to hear what we thought of these games? Well listen and find out.


Adding to that we discuss Mixer's new controller sharing feature, what to expect from Bethesda at E3 and how many hours the oldies are playing a week. Surprise of the week goes to 3D Realms releasing a new game - Ion Maiden. We also talk about The Darwin Project and other games that came out this week. 


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