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#207: Simone’s Fable Fables

March 16, 2018

Now with 100% more stories about Fable II!


With a bunch of new games that are lauching, or have launched, this week, we get stuck talking about Surviving Mars and how hyped Kyle is (but isn't he always hyped?) and Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse gets everyone quite excited again. 


Xbox unveiled the world's first Priate Blaster, PUBG gets some future planning, Everspace goes full 4K and the adorable PixARK gets shown to the world. Lee goes down the rumor rabbit hole and starts randomly listing games that might or might not be shown at E3 or might even not be real at all. We even go over the console gaming numbers for 2017, and some of those will surprise you. 


In Xboxcast News, we have hit over 500 listens under 2 months, and just want to thank you guys for joining us. You're welcome to give feedback on Twitter, Facebook, our website and even on the PodBean comments. In celebration, we have a Looking For Group event in our Xbox Live Group. So if you own Gears of War 4, feel free to jump in. If not, we're sure Lee will stream it. Check the Club for futer infomation.



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