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#210: Best Employee Evar!

April 6, 2018

Can you believe it! We're already 10 episodes into Season 2.

And Destiny 2 is pants? 


For episode 10, we have a very sad Simone. It seems life in Fable 2 is getting a little too realistic. But we soon forget about the sadness with a few awesome Sea of Thieves stories. 


In the news, Sea of Thieves has become a behemoth of a game, Fortnite breaks all the YouTube records, Resident Evil VII and The Division are getting enhanced for Xbox One X and No Mans Sky is coming to Xbox. That makes a good few Playstation exclusives no longer that exclusive... 


And you must have fallen through a worm hole, because there is actually an indie game that Kyle likes! Is this even real life?



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