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#212: Apache Attack Holiday

April 20, 2018

And we're back to normal programing! Did you miss us? I bet you did. 


This week in The Xboxcast:


We ask will Microsoft announce exclusive publisher rights to the biggest games this year? Its rumored at the moment.

Nineteen! Nineteen original Xbox games come to BackCompat and are looking better than ever in true 4K. 

Over 1 billion hours of gaming done on Xbox Live in just 7 days. Thats over 100,000 years! 

Battlefront II gets Ewoks. 

And more.


On the new games front, Simone talks to us about new pinball tables in Pinball FX3 which causes Lee to go on and on about hating The Last Jedi, and a bunch of ID@Xbox games drop. 


And when it commes to what we've been playing... Well, you'll just have to find out. 


PSA: Our website was down. But its back now! 



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