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#213: The Cake Episode

April 27, 2018

We have cake. And beer. And its great. You should have been there. 


To celebrate hitting our first 1,000 listens of the year, we brought in cake! And ate it all. Thank you guys for listening to us, and please remember to like and share and tell everyone about us. Because we're awesome. And its the right thing to do. 


This week, a bunch more games decide to go Battle Royal, Sam is getting Serious for the fourth time, getting hunted by Ewoks is all we ever wanted and is Crackdown 3 close to a release date? 


For the new games, prepare to get terrified when Emily Wants To Play Too and you help solve the murder of Nikola Tesla. Add to this, Euro Fishing is getting more DLC, in case that will reel you in... 


This show is dedicated to Xbox Addict - a shining member of the Xbox community. 



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