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#221: The Xboxcast’s Fireside Chat

July 6, 2018

You're looking good. Have you lost weight? 


We are back and we even live streamed this episode! Hit up our YouTube if you want to see our big beautiful faces! 


This week, we are joined by Jeremy and Lee as we just have a chat about games. Something we don't do often enough. And certainly a little different to normal. 


From what we are playing, to our gaming wish list, to even a few unpopular gaming opinions - this fireside chat has it all. 




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Your hosts are:

Kyle: XarCrius on Twitter and Xbox

Lee: Leehoward on Twitter, Xbox and Mixer

Simone: GymBean44 on Twitter and Xbox

Paul: HippoHQ on Twitter, Xbox, YouTube and Mixer



Special guests are:

Jeremy: Pythagean on Twitter and Xbox

Lee: Lieutenantlee69 on Twitter and Lieutenantlee77 on Xbox