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#224: Soggy Milo

July 26, 2018

And out of nowhere, a normal episode appears! 

But how can you be normal with this bunch?


Since we're back with your regularly scheduled episode, Lee comes at us with news, nuus, and knews... So much news! Xbox Scarlett and its streaming capabilities, Microsoft hitting $10 Billion with is gaming division, Shadow of War removing microtransactions, QuakeCON coming u, Destiny 2 news and... Fortnite took up 20% of all internet traffic in New Zealand? Say what? 


For new games, we have a big one - No Man's Sky lands on Xbox with its NEXT update and the screenshots being shared on Twitter make it look amazing. We can't ait to jump in to what looks like a properly finished game. And Train Sim World opens up the Northeast Coridor. We think thats where the posh people are. 


Kyle goes on about Fallout 4 (only a few years too late) and Lee has completed 80-something percent of Forza Horizon 3! 


We're one episode away from hitting our 50th episode, which is awesome news! We have a live stream event planned for the weekend of the 4th, so be sure to check out our Facebook or Twitter page for deets and timing and stuff like that...


All of this, and more in this 'normal' episode of The Xboxcast. 



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