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#225: The 50th Episode

August 4, 2018

This here is a very special episode. For you see, its our 50th episode ever! 

What? We never did any beta episodes. No idea what you're talking about. 


Anyways! This time we start off a bitt differently. The format is undergoing a revision, so please let us know what you think. 

Kyle plays Sea of Thieves, becomes a drug addict in Fallout 4 and tells some really awesome jokes. Simone talks to us about Quantum Break and the amazing end boss fight. Lee... Lee has been driving cars. Not real cars. Forza Horizon cars. To be honest, we're starting to get a bit worried. 


In the news, Sea of Thieves hits 5 million players, Xbox Game Pass gets an annual subscription and over 9 million people have joined Lee in their car hobby as Forza Horizon 3 announces its player base numbers. 


As a reminder, on the 4th of August, at 7ish PM New Zealand time, join us on our Mixer channel as we celebrate hitting 50 episodes with a live stream and some friends. 




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