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#234: My Gun Is My Passport

October 28, 2018

Simone's inner cowboy has come out, and his name - John Marston. 


Thats right - Read Dead Redemption 2 has come out, so we're celebrating the best way working gamers do - by playing through our backlog. It just happens that Red Dead Redemption is the one Simone is enjoying at the moment! 


And since we're so close to Halloween, we have a very normal Shocktober Episode for you here. To keep with the theme (and because as the memo writer, he's the only one to get the memo...) Kyle played Manual Samuel - a fantastic little game that's on Game Pass at the moment. 


We go over the few games that have decided to come out on the same week as RDR2, those brave souls. 


In the news, Kyle goes on a rant about the new avatars, Game Pass gets some Halloween themed games, The Orange Box gets a 4K makeover on the One X and  Battlefield 5 lets you play as a Nazi? Whaaa? 


All this, and more on this weeks episode of The Xboxcast. 



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