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#236: A Victim Of Winning $1,00,000

November 12, 2018

And now for something, completely the same. 


Exactly the same, except Lee has decided to play *all* the games! From Battlefield 1 to Fallout 4, Gears of War to Fallout 76. And almost everything in-between. We hear Lee's trepidation at Fallout 76, and who can blame him? Kyle wonders how Sea of Thieves remains so vague with their quest giving, but still gets so excited about Gears of War 4. 


For new games, we get a Grip on Hitman 2, MechaNika and Scalextrix. So many new games this week! Steel Rats tries to take the title for the most buzz words used in a game description. 


Big game news was teased for XO18 and we are beyond hyped! And Red Dead has earned all the money in the world. Thats it. No more money. We can all go home...



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