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#238: All Our Bases In Different Places

November 26, 2018

With the internet having a meltdown, and everyone else suffering from the fallout, we have arrived to bring some much needed perspective into your lives. Nothing is as bad as it seems, not even Lee's face.


Simone is away, so what better time to rope Paul on and have him tell us about Fallout 76. From what he thinks, to how hes found some bugs and even some cool environmental storytelling - Paul does a great job of making Fallout 76 sound like it belongs in the fallout universe. Remember to tell us what you guys think. Is Paul off the mark, or is the internet just its usual, whiny self?


Lee plays a lot of games. Like a lot a lot. Like just when you think it shouldn't be possible for a working man to play so many games, Lee plays one more. We're not even angry, we're impressed.
The Turning Test shows Lee what we all suspected, Grip doesn't hold Lee's attention, Unravel makes him come apart at the seams and of course there is some Destiny and Forza Horizon 4 to add some variety. 


Farming Simulator 19 has us all excited to play this week. Its not a joke. Farming co-op with your friends sounds amazing. And there is a little game called Battlefield V that was released this week. 


For some news, we talk about the Xbox diskless rumor and why its a good idea, PixARK is free and the backCompat team show us how far they can go technologically with the release of Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox One!



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