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Dec 2018

#240: The Xboxcast’s Game Awards For 2018

December 8, 2018

Its the last official episode for The Xboxcast, and since everyone else is doing it, we will do it too! 
Presenting The Xboxcast's Game Awards for 2018. How exciting is this? Answer: its very exciting. 


Like any typical award show, the categories are made up and the points don't matter. With that in mind we don't have a clear winner or loser, or even nominations. We go purely by personal preference. Because that way, we can't be wrong! Its a complete win-win situation.


The categories we have chosen to talk about for our award show this year are... (drum roll please)
- Biggest surprise of 2018
- Best story

- Best (or biggest) time sink (any guesses for Lee's answer?)
- Best looking (because who doesn't like eye candy?)

- Best multiplayer game
- Best score

- Best mobile game (because sometimes we do game on the go)

- Your holiday game (we all have that one in our backlog)

- What are you looking forward to in 2019

- Our honorable mention list (we all have those great games that didn't make the cut) 

- Anti Game of the Year

And finally

- Game of the Year 2018 as decided by each of us


Reminder: These are the games that we played this year and not the games that came out this year...


Thank you guys for listening. Its been a pleasure to have you along for the ride! We hope to see you all in 2019 with even better, funnier and many more stories about our gaming adventures. Or lack thereof. Until then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We'll see you on Xbox Live! 



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