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#301 - GameFace!

February 3, 2019


A brand new, totally exciting, and did we mention new, series from The Xboxcast. 


Remember our "What Have We Been Playing?" section? Or our "Games Played This Week"? Or as Lee put it "So what have you been playing Kyle?"

No? Ok, never mind! Onwards. 


GameFace is all about the games we have been playing this week, including the now infamous Anthem VIP Demo. Since its our first GameFace of the year, we have a lot to cover - all the games of December and Janurary from Kyle, Lee and Simone. 


Kyle got sucked into Mass Effect: Andromeda, Lee decided summer was a great time for not one, but two, football games and Simone has one of the best Final Fantasty XV stories we've ever heard. All this and more in this episode of GameFace!



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