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#301: Nu News For January 28th

February 1, 2019

Season 3 - all that changes is everything!


Welcome to Nu News - a new series from The Xboxcast.


Nu News show cases all the Xbox news you need to know about for the week past. That covers the News part of Nu News, so whats this magical Nu? Thats for all the Nu games coming out (or have come out) for the week! And together we have Nu News!


In the news this week we have a lot to go through since we were off for a month or seven... Bungie and Activision broke up, Forza Horizon 4 races past 7 million players, Sea of Thieves is shrinking its game size and EA has managed to shoot itself in the foot by canceling Money Maker, I mean, Star Wars Open World. All this and more in this week's Nu News!


On the game releases, we have the fabled Kingdom Hearts 3 and a bunch of other ID@Xbox games. But Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here guys! Can you believe it? 


For those that are worried about the game stories, don't be. We still have a surprise or two for you this season. There is more to come from the Xboxcast, so be sure to follow us.



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