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#312: NuNews For April 15th

April 20, 2019

Come on down to the barber where you can get a haircut and a beer, while you play Xbox! 

Is he here? Only in our news stories... And our dreams. 


With Notre Dame tragically burning down, Assassins Creed Unity finally has a use. And that is to rebuild the iconic landmark. Phil Spencer was seen playing Destiny 2 on his one private XCloud server, Lee completely forgets about the game play charts, Xbox is making (small) waves in Japan and GamePass has become even better with the addition of Monster Hunter: World and a golf game... 


If you feel like being overrun by zombies, World War Z has all the ZoS (Zombies on Screen) you could ever need and Final Fantasty X and X-2 are finally on Xbox! And there was much rejoicing. Until Lee tries to explain the rules of snooker to Kyle. But Kyle is not interested due to the extremally low ZoS score. 


All this and more on this week's episode of #NuNews! 



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