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#316: NuNews For May 20th

May 24, 2019

Microsoft and Sony working together at long last! It's less exciting than you think. Even though the PlayStation division had to be calmed. And now Nintendo is jumping on the band wagon too. 


We have a leak about Xbox's E3 keynote, Activision hands over the reigns to Call of Duty, Game Pass is losing 18 games and The Division 2's eight man raid has finally been beaten on consoles. And on top of all of this, Microsoft has shown us Minecraft Earth and we're totally not worthy.  


New games are coming fast and furious this week, with Team Sonic Racing leading the charge, but we're more excited about Dauntless. On the other side of the scale, we're less than excited for Back to 1995. But hey, we're not exactly game critics. 


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