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#317: NuNews For May 27th

June 1, 2019


After what seems like a super long week, we're suffering from some serious low energy vibes... But that won't stop us giving you all the #NuNews you know and love. 


Lee confuses himself with the Game Play Chart, first wanting to go forwards, then backwards, then jump around, jump around, jump up and get down! The Division 2 is not going to lower its difficulty, we just have to get gud. Ubisoft leaked their plans for Ubisoft Pass Premium, although uPass would have been a much cooler name. XCloud is getting a whole lot of info before E3 and we have at least three stories about Gears of War. 


We try to do the new games, it becomes a lesson in cricket - the sport, not the animal. We get scared in Layers of Fear 2 and then super excited about Outer Wilds. Did you know that if you watched something on Mixer at some point in the past, you probably own Outer Wilds? We didn't either! But its Game Pass on release day, so who cares! Go play it. Right meow! 


And we even brought back the beer segment for you guys.

We hope to be educational as well as funny, and getting beer right is a lot easier than getting news right. 


All this and more on this week's episode of #NuNews! 



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