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#320: NuNews For July (So Far)

July 20, 2019


We are back, ladies and gentlemen! 

After Kyle and Simone's three week trip, and a small mid-year break, we're in your ear holes again. And boy does it feel good! 


As a thow back to the old days, Lee's news is completely out of whack. So yeah - have fun following that along! Fishing game Fishing Planet is out now as a free to play and Play Anywhere title, so theres no reason not to get your rods out. Is Microsoft releasing a cheaper console just for XCloud game streaming? We don't know! Destiny 2 has some news, along with The Division 2 and then its back to the Microsoft news... The news this week is an adventure! 


New games will have you playing as an avocado, mowing mutant laws, playing with gravity and being scared by a non-existent town in the UK. 


And don't forget - we now have email addresses! Its true. You can email us!  





And, if you're wanting to see the raw, behind the scenes recording of the podcast, check out our Mixer page! Podcast recordings stay there for 2 weeks, and then are gone forever... 


All this and more on this week's episode of #NuNews! 



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