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#321: NuNews For July 22nd

July 27, 2019


In a special turn of events, our live stream for this weeks episodes were such a hit, that Simone even stayed on to give her unsolicited opinions on the news! Just like old times. 


Do you feel the need for a Wolfenstein co-op game? Because we have just the thing to scratch that itch!

We didn't make it, so we can't take all the credit, but you can still thank us later. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is blasting onto your Xboxs this week! 


Xbox hardware tanks in this past quarter as the world holds its breath for the new most powerful console in Scarlett, but thanks to Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Live usage has jumped to 65 million people! If only they would all listen to this podcast... Monster Hunter: World is celebrating 13 million units sold by giving free stuff away. Seriously, go now and log in! Free in game items guys!


Thanks to Kingsman for highlighting some easy cheevo games in the Xbox Sale. We all know Lee will play any bad game to get his score up. 


And don't forget - we now have email addresses! Its true. You can email us!  





If you're wanting to see the raw, behind the scenes recording of the podcast, check out our Mixer page! Podcast recordings stay there for 2 weeks, and then are gone forever... 


All this and more on this week's episode of #NuNews! 



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