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#322: NuNews for July 29th

August 3, 2019

Lee abandoned us. Well only for one episode... So Paul and Simone have stepped up to the plate. 

Will #NuNews be as good? Let's find out! 


August comes with a new challenge - we call it #back2YourBacklog - and the rules are simple. Choose a game you have started but never finished from your backlog and during August, go back to the game and finish it. Finish could be what ever you want it to mean - from the story to collectibles to even those sweet, sweet cheevos! 


Fortnite World Champs, Doom being pulled from backwards compatibility and Xbox Home Screen re-designs are coming! The news is exciting this week! As for new games - Madden 20 charges in, while Mutant Year Zero gets its first expansion. And Simone even knows what teenage friends look like!



And don't forget - we now have email addresses! Its true. You can email us!  





All this and more on this week's episode of #NuNews! 



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