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#331: NuNews for October 7th

October 12, 2019

Time to get frosty with the release of Frostpunk on Xbox!


This episode is a special test - we had Producer Paul join Kyle in the studio while slacker Lee Skyped in. All thanks to Producer Paul's new shiny audio equipment! Let us know how it sounds as we'll be looking to do more of this for our Conversation With episodes.


In the news Xbox and Spotify become best buds, Star Wars: Battlefront II finally allows you to get all the achievements you're missing, Untitled Goose Game might come to Xbox soon and Microsoft has an aneurysm and decided to remove Mixer streaming from Windows 10... Find out why we think is a terrible idea. 


For the new games, Tropico 6 allows you to dictate your way - and we all think this game is worth your time. Atlas looks like a great MMO to check out, and we all struggle to pronounce AeternoBlade II... Oh and feel cool with Frostpunk Console Edition! 


Be sure to join us for #terrorTober this month and tell us what games you're playing using the hashtag! 

Thanks to @AmyBakerness for the nice and shiny new logo and @Matt for the awesome #terrorTober header! 


All this and more on this week's episode of #NuNews!  



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