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#336: NuNews for November 12th

November 16, 2019

Lee and Paul take over #NuNews to give Kyle and Simone a much needed break. 


All the pre-hype about XO19 is here! Listen now and see how much we got right, and how much we got wrong. Disney+ is coming to Xbox and we go over how to get it. And if you're one of the few people who don't have GamePass yet, well here is an offer you can't refuse. 

Could Fortnite be in trouble? People are spending less on the micro-transactions than they used to... Maybe the titan will fall? And now your Xbox will suggest things to play! The robots are here and they just want you to have fun. See, Terminator, its not that bad! 


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All this and more on this week's episode of #NuNews!  



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