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A Conversation With Jeremy (Pythagean)

February 17, 2020


All the way from the land of drop-bears and bouncy boxers, Jeremy is back! 


Jeremy was our very first Patreon, and without his support and belief in us, we probably wouldn't be nearly as 'good' as we are now. His feedback has helped shape the podcast over the years. Its a pleasure to have him as our first international guest.


Thanks to the wonders of Skype, and being alive at the same time, we get to hear his adventures in Seriko: Shadows Die Twice. Add to the fact that Jeremy and Simone then decided to play a cat dating simulator, and we have a very weird mix of whats happening in this reality. Oh, and we also chat about Forza Horizon 4... It seems young Jeremy has been busy. 


If you're looking to follow to someone who thinks about games, takes awesome photos, and is all around a top chap, give Jeremy a follow over on the Twitters. Oh, and follow him on Xbox and Twitch under his GamerTag Pythagean too. 



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