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A Conversation with Noel (DarkestShadowNZ)

February 6, 2020


We sit down and chat to our very own local Mod and Bot Wrangler - Noel - AKA DarkestShadowNZ!


What does this mysterious force for good have to say about life as a moderator? And do you know, he also mods for some of the biggest New Zealand Streamers too! We take a deep dive into what makes him tick. From his first games and console, all the way to what its really like to mod and everything in between - we grill him on it all! 


Thanks Noel, for stepping into the limelight and out of the shadows! We hope you enjoy those stickers we had to bribe you with. 


Check Noel out on Twitter, Xbox and Mixer


PS: Please note Simone's new gamertag. Shes super excited, so tweet at her to tell her its super awesome! 



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