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A Conversation With Ruby (Ruby Is Aw3som3)

February 24, 2020


Ever wondered who could give Lee such a hard time? Introducing, Ruby - Lee's youngest daughter! 


Ruby is a great Overwatch player - even beating her dad, and is starting to dip into game streaming and Let's Plays on YouTube!
Now we finally find out who has been getting all of Lee's achievements - the truth comes out. No more day-time achievements for Lee since Ruby got her own Xbox. And he's a little bit gutted about it...


Give Ruby a follow on Xbox, and check out her stuff on Mixer, soon to be YouTube! 

Because Ruby. Is. Awesome!


PS: Since the recording of this podcast, Ruby has changed her gamertag. No longer Ruby Is Aw3som3, she is now known as Bronti_Rose. Give her a follow on Xbox. And she'll probably beat you in Overwatch at some stage. 



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