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#GameFace! April Achievement Challenge Returns

April 4, 2020

Our annual #AprilAchievementChallenge is back!
And what better time to go for all those achievements than when you're in lock-down? 

For this very special year, we have three different challenges for you. Take part in one, or all, its completely up to you. Just like how you play, or pay, for achievements... Just like Lee did last year. 
To get all the details you need, and to take part, check out our Patreon post found -> here <- 

Games, games and more games! The Xboxcast has been busy this month playing a whole heap of games! From The Division 2 and teaming up with clan stuff (which you should totally join), to Lego Marvel games, and even checking out the new update to State of Decay 2. We've been playing so much. So much so, even Paul joins us!


Due to the current lock down and the world changing overnight, our audio is not the best quality. So please excuse it while we adapt to this new method of recording. And even though we're in lock down, we're still streaming live on Mixer! So come hang out. 



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