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#GameFace! *crickets*

August 13, 2019

Dear Super Sexy Patrons - we have not forgotten you! And to prove our love, we brought back the Patreon Shoutout. 

You may want to check where you rank! 


We're continuing with out #back2YourBacklog challenge - well Lee isn't. But Kyle and Simone are! What are you playing to help clear your backlog this August? Kyle is still stuck on Mass Effect: Andromeda, but managed to sneak some Rocket League in. Simone is dealing to zeds in State of Decay 2, and even has a quick Stardew Valley update for us! 


And Lee? Well he's just playing everything, but his most recent obsession is The Ashes. A game about cricket. A game that kept him up till 3 the next morning!  


We're doing an experiment on Mixer... So head over to our channel and give us feedback. And don't forget - we're live every Tuesday at 7PM NZST! 



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