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#GameFace! I Have Never Taken My Santa Hat Off

March 18, 2020


We finally experienced the true power of the Xbox One X.

Just in time to get ourselves super hyped for the Series X... 


Kyle finally remembers to tell everyone about the Hellblade Story he has been teasing for weeks. So its OK now Kingsman, we can talk about it in the Discord!

Simone and Kyle have been brushing up their dance moves in Dance Central Spotlight, and bemoan the demise of the Kinect. While remembering why we all have very strong feelings towards Harmonix. And not the good types either. 


More stories about Tomb Raider, Gears 5, Two Point Hospital and, of course, The Division 2... We even had a mini-meetup of sorts in The Division 2! So join our clan and join us in the game! 


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