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#GameFace! Let’s Not Shoot Dad

May 23, 2020


#GameFace! has a special announcement this week! 

The announcement of our Community Event Calendar. Or what we like to call our Community Calendar. 


We now have one place where you can see everything we have planned for the year. So check it out on our Patreon Page and join in all the events. 


And now, onto the games... 
Lee has decided to play ALL the games... Again! From racing cars, to surviving the nuclear apocalypse and even going back in time, Lee has played it.

Kyle rages about Minit, gets excited about The Division 2 and tells everyone to play Astroneer. Seriously, play Anstroneer!

Simone goes way back west, plays some live shows and even shoot some Covenant. And we get a long awaited update on Stardew Valley! 


Thanks for listening! We will see you all on Xbox Live. 



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