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#GameFace! Must Bring Own Gun

April 18, 2020


#AprilAchievementChallenge is in full swing, but are you prepared for a shocking revelation? 


The nice thing about this challenge is that it forces all of us to play many different games, and it has lead to some interesting outcomes. And who knew the Telltale games were so good? Certainly not Kyle!

Going all the way back to 2013 with Ryse, 2014 with Sunset Overdrive and 1997 with Age of Empires... We play them all over this month. 


How many games have you managed to knock off your list? Tell us on Twitter


Due to the current lock down and the world changing overnight, our audio is not the best quality. Please excuse us while we adapt to this new method of recording. And even though we're in lock down, we're still streaming live on Mixer! So come hang out. 



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