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#GameFace! Not A #terrorTober Update

October 21, 2019

We've reached our midway point in #terrorTober, and Lee has chosen to play... Surviving Mars. 

Yes, you read that right! The city building strategy game is Lee's chosen #terrorTober game. 


Make sure you're following along as we conclude #terrorTober on next #GameFace. Why, you ask? Because The Outer Words arrives and that sounds like a lot more fun than struggling through a scary game.  


With that in mind, Simone updates us on Oxenfree, which sounds like an amazing game! Lee does some critique of Blair Witch, which could almost make us game reviewers now... And then the usual spattering of Destiny 2, Anthem and, of course, Surviving Mars. And tell us what you guys think of #unemployedGary! He's out there, working hard to make sure you enjoy #terrorTober too! 


Be sure to join us for #terrorTober this month and tell us what games you're playing using the hashtag! 

Thanks to @AmyBakerness for the nice and shiny new logo and @Matt for the awesome #terrorTober header! 




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