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#GameFace: #terrorTober Wrap Up

November 4, 2019


That it. Its all done. #terrorTober has come and gone. We can all return to normal heart rates again...


Without a doubt, Simone 'won' this years #terrorTober - she actually managed to finish her chosen game and get a little creeped out by it. Lee spent an hour with three games, and Kyle actually stuck around in Blair Witch for 12 hours, before nope-ing out of there. But how and why and what did we think of our games? You'll just have to listen to find out. Thanks to everyone else who took part and joined us in our time of need! 


We'll be releasing our The Outer Worlds review soon! So stay tuned for that. 


Thanks to @AmyBakerness for the nice and shiny new logo and @Matt for the awesome #terrorTober header! 



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