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#NuNews: Behold the Duck of War

April 11, 2020


Who doesn't want to fight a duck? 



We have three weeks worth of news and new games to go over. From fighting ducks in World of Warships to Saints Row 3 getting a remaster, we cover it all. News is all over the place as we slowly lead up to what would have been E3 season. But alas, we now have digital events to look forward to. So more and more info is going to be trickling out slowly... Lee's job is going to get really hard. 


If three weeks worth of game releases have you feeling anxious, well fear not! We have our very own curated list of the games you need to know about! Each game is on our list for a reason that we, or may not, explain. You have to checkout Moons of Madness though. That looks great!


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