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#NuNews: Game Fart For FeeSee

February 15, 2020


It was a quiet week, then we happened... 


Lee decides its time to troll Kyle with the Gameplay chart this week... But then its turned around with news that Bioware is officially redesigning Anthem! And the choir of angels all sing. New Zealand's game industry is growing every year. Seriously, well done guys! Xbox Game Pass gets more games added, and more games taken away. Game Pass giveth and taketh away. 


In an offshoot, We have some Microsoft/Windows news because Lee decided it was so. And Xbox sells 38 consoles in Japan...


Our new games are sure to serve up a good time, starting with AO Tennis 2. And then we begin a very themed week with most of the games being some sort of space game. Is this space week or something? In an unprecedented move, we even announce a PC game! You'll just have to listen to find out why... 


We hope you enjoy this episode. And don't forget, we stream our recordings live every Tuesday at 7PM NZST only on Mixer! 



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