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#NuNews: Let’s Be Disorganized Together!

April 25, 2020

While we're stuck at home, we seem to be even more disorganized! How does that work? 


The news is in a shambles! It's all over the place! Seriously, what is going on? It seems everything is waiting for some reveal events coming soon... I wonder what it could be?


NVidia GeForce Now is losing all the Xbox Game Studio games, you can now dance for free (because you couldn't before), we're awfully impressed with Inside Xbox and Grounded, and there's a brand new special edition Xbox One X coming out. 


For new games we have a cat in a robot suit, squatting guards, and one game we are most hyped about - Deliver Us The Moon! And good news too - the moon is coming to GamePass on day one. In fact, its out now! 


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