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#NuNews: Let’s Pad It Out

March 7, 2020


Everything is being cancelled. And all the news that would have come out, hasn't! 

So this is a very quiet week... 


And what do we do with quiet weeks? Well we pad them out as much as possible! Thats right, non-stop nonsense from beginning to end as we try to find stuff to talk about. 

The Xbox Series X allows you to resume games after a reboot - which has us even more hyped. Fortnite and GTA V are still leading our gameplay charts, more games leave Game Pass and we get two new special edition controllers. 


Seriously, that it for news... For the new games, really only one is a standout, and that's an expansion to The Division 2 - Warlords of New York. Speaking of which, we have a clan in The Division 2. So if you play, and wanna hang out with us cool kids, look for The Xboxcast clan and sign up! You'll get to play with Lee, myself and Simone, along with most of our fans. So what are you waiting for? Join today!


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