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#NuNews: Liquorice Is Nonsense

February 22, 2020


It is true, liquorice is nonsense!

I have spoken. 


Get ready for more excitement in State of Decay 2 with the new Juggernaut Edition - new graphics, new story, new everything! This has put us into quite state! And you can now dress you peeps, so its Sims with Zombies... (Call us EA). 

EA feels the need to give Criterion Games the Need For Speed franchise back, The Division 2 gets a great new expansion and we even have a clan in this game, so join us, and Kingdom Hearts is now on Xbox. Truly this is the best timeline. 


If you ever wanted to race a drone, you now can in DCL - The Game, Bayonetta makes Lee feel a bit odd as it comes back for its 10th Anniversary Edition, and a game where you play a thief? I feel like thats been done? Or is it just me?


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