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#NuNews: The Forza of Flying

February 29, 2020

Its the Xbox Series X episode! 

No, seriously, we have a bunch of news about the series X and you'll want to listen to our semi deep-dive into the hardware and what it means for you! 


An ordinary Tuesday morning (Monday for our US peeps), got completely disrupted with Phil Spencer dropping a bomb. All the specs for the Series X was published in a blog post, and pretty much destroyed the internet. So of course this is our take on it. Oh, and other news happened too...

Sea of Thieves got yet another free update, which looks awesome.

No Man's Sky got another free update, which looks awesome.

The Xbox dashboard got another free update, which looks awesome!

PUBG got another free update, which enabled cross-play between Xbox and Playstation. 

Look, everything got an update, ok!


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