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#223: The Xboxcast’s One Year Anniversary Episode

July 20, 2018

A year ago, we came together to talk about games. Who would have thought we'd still be doing this? Not us, thats who! 


But here we are, officially one year old! And what better way to celebrate, than to eat cake while trying talk... Well that and have a look back at our very first episode - Episode Numero Uno. 


From the news of yesteryear, to what we were playing back then and then even a bit of introspection where Kyle asks everyone how happy they are to be seeing his face every week, this episode has it all. Plus cake. Well... Chocolate brownies. But still, thats sort of cake right? 


This episode was streamed live on Mixer, so if you want to see our setup procedure and how many false starts we have to suffer through, go check it out. A more refined version will be on our YouTube channel. And of course, you'll always have the audio version of to cherish for ever.



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